Welcome to Betty B's

Hello, my name is Betty B, let me tell you a story. Over forty years ago I started making Hot Pepper sauce. Over the years when I'd make Hot Pepper sauce people would ask for a little to take home, I am always willing to share. Now forty years later my Husband and daughter want to share my Hot Pepper sauce with you.

Betty B's is small family business. Our home base is in Toronto, Canada, we have been up and running since September 2006. We import all our raw products, which have been grown in the rich dark soils of Trinidad n' Tobago. Peppers and seasoning are imported within 24hrs of harvesting, and that allows us to provide you with an amazingly fresh quality Hot Pepper sauce.

Betty B wanted to create a Hot Pepper sauce that was not only tasty but also healthy. There are No preservatives or additives, fillers or colors added to our Hot Pepper sauce. We use Scotch Bonnet peppers, which gives you that Caribbean home style taste. We now have a large variety of Hot Pepper Products, so you can feel the true Caribbean heat

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